NBA MVP Lookahead Article (20-21 Season)

NBA MVP Lookahead Article (20-21 Season)

Although early reports suggested that the new NBA season may not start until mid-January, or even as late as March, the NBA will officially begin on December 22nd.  Diehard NBA fans will be delighted to know that there will be five games to indulge in watching on Christmas Day! 

It is never too early to start talking NBA betting futures, especially when it comes to the MVP Award.  Let’s look at the Top 10 NBA MVP Candidates and their current betting odds. 

The Top 10 NBA MVP Candidates for the 2020-21 Season:

  • Luka Doncic +350
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo +450
  • Anthony Davis +800
  • LeBron James +800
  • Stephen Curry +800
  • Kevin Durant +1000
  • James Harden +1500
  • Nikola Jokic +2000
  • Damian Lillard +2500
  • Jayson Tatum +2500

Luka is The Betting Favorite, but should he be?

One could reasonably argue that Luka Doncic has had the best start to a career in NBA history!  I know, I know, that might sound like a stretch considering this league has seen the likes of Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, and LeBron!  But look at some stats below that back up not only this theory, but also why Luka is justified in being the betting favorite for MVP.

  • Luka is the only player in NBA history with over 20 triple-doubles at age 21 or younger.
  • In just 2 seasons, Luka has averaged nearly 25 points per game (24.7) as well as 8.5 rebounds and 7.3 assists per game.  Good grief! Talk about an all-around talent!
  • Luka’s PER (Player Efficiency Rating) was a stratospheric 27.6 last season!  The league average is 15.0 (Holy Mark Cuban BATMAN!)
  • It is scary to say out loud (or even type) that Luka is still only 21 years old and will continue to grow, improve, and develop as a basketball player!

Giannis Got PAAAID, but will all that Cash Slow Down the Greek Freak?

Giannis signed the largest deal in NBA history this week when he agreed to a 5-year contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks for an astounding 228.2 million dollars (how could anyone live on such a paltry sum? LOL 😊).  Giannis has already won the NBA MVP Award twice in his young career and is one of the betting favorites to win it again. 
A lot of players slack off after a payday, but Giannis is probably the exception to that rule!  Here are some reasons below that he offers value at the current price of +400.

  • The Greek Freak is the reigning NBA MVP and deservedly so after averaging 29.5 points per game and 13.6 rebounds per game last season.
  • His PER (Player Efficiency Rating) was an incredible 31.9, which was even higher than Luka’s.
  • Most MVP Award winners come from high performing teams and the Bucks won a league high 56 games last season.  It looks as if Milwaukee will continue to be the most dominant team in the East again this season and that will only increase Giannis’s chances of repeating as the MVP Award winner!

Is Betting on Dame a Lame Idea, or is he a Good Longshot Investment?

Damian Lillard is perhaps the most gifted scorer in the NBA today.  Though the Blazers barely made the playoffs and were quickly ousted by the Lakers, Lillard put together a fantastic statistical season that earned him the 2020 NBA Bubble MVP Award. 
Here are some reasons to consider wagering on Dame for this year’s MVP:

  • As we mentioned before, Lillard is arguably the best scorer on this top 10 list of MVP candidates.  Lillard averaged 30 points per game last season, which ranked 3rd in the league trailing only James Harden and Bradley Beal.
  • Lillard is also capable of getting HOTTER than any other player on this list.  He scored over 60 points in a game THREE times last season.  The only other player to do that was Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain, who had a decent career (LOL)!
  • As we mentioned with Luka, Lillard is still fairly young (only 30) and he is continuing to evolve and improve as a player!


Contributed By: Mike Noblin
Twitter: @MikeNoblin
Youtube: Mikey Nobs

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