Q: What Is Game Theory Picks?

The term “Game Theory” has been a staple in the mathematics community since the early 1700’s, and it represents the utilization of mathematical or conceptual modeling to enhance one’s probability of success. 

Game Theory went mainstream in 1950 with the proliferation of the Prisoner’s Dilemma -  a paradox in decision analysis in which two individuals acting on their own self-interests do not produce the optimal outcome.

In the sports betting industry, the Prisoner’s Dilemma is a frequent circumstance bettors are faced with. 

A typical sports bettor has instinctive tendencies to act with self-interest, such as: wagering on the best coach in a given matchup, fabricating a “must-win” situation for a team, or devising some other self-fulfilling prophecy that has no consistency of producing an optimal outcome.

Game Theory Picks was developed with the above circumstances in mind: our team provides YOU with the edge necessary to become a consistently profitable sports bettor.

The G.T.P. Team leverages more than two decades worth of detailed game-level data into a deliberately cultivated selection of daily sports betting picks.

EVERY pick is backed by a statistically-sound, results-driven model that has produced results year-after-year.


Q: How Does Game Theory Picks Work?

Any package purchase gets YOU exclusive access to: 

- Sports betting recommendations and advice sent to your email throughout the duration of your subscription.

- Additionally, each pick uses our money management scale which is designed to reduce risk and maximize profits. 


Q: What Is In A Game Theory Picks Subscription?

A Game Theory Picks Subscription includes either NFL and/or College Football Sports Betting Recommendations to your preferred email (when they come available) ... along with 24/7 Client Support (via Twitter & Email). 


Q: What Sports are included in a Game Theory Picks Subscription?

Clients will have a Choice of Plays from the following options:


- NFL / College Football Package (Coming Fall 2023)

- All Other Sports: Includes NBA, MLB, NHL, College Basketball, EPL Soccer & PGA Tour Golf.


Q: How Does Your Investment Scale Work?

When it comes down to placing the bets, you have the final say on how much to risk on a particular game or event. Sports betting is a long-term financial investment , and this is why we recommend a scaled approach to help manage your risk. 

All Game Theory Picks Sports Betting Recommendations are based on a 1unit to 1.5unit to 2unit MAX confidence scale.

This means a minimum investment is 1unit; therefore, risking 1% of your given sports investing bankroll on this particular play (your bankroll is the starting amount you are comfortable using towards sports betting).

For instance, if you began with $5,000 as a "bankroll" towards sports betting ... your initial scale would be $50/per unit or 1%. Just like investing in the stock market, the key is watching your return grow gradually over time. As your "bankroll" begins to increase, that's when you unilaterally raise your dollar amount ($) per unit and further build your portfolio. 

In contrast, a 2unit** MAX would be a "MAX" investment, meaning you risk 2% of your given sports investing bankroll on this particular play

*We do not provide plays higher than 2%*


For Favorites (or negative juice plays):

We recommend risking "x-units" to win 1-unit

- For Example: Yankees ML -175 (1u) (Would be risking 1.75u to win 1u)


For Underdogs (or positive juice plays):

We recommend risking 1-unit to win "x-units"

- For Example: Angels ML +130 (1u) (Would be risking 1u to win 1.30u)